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December 2018
text: Is the Internet of "Intelligent" Things (IOIT) becoming a whole new ballgame?
The internet of things is way ahead and gaining worldwide attention due to incredible advancements in it as time passes. The ...
November 2018
text: The Contribution of IoT in Automation Industry
Growing technologies and expediting innovations are constantly changing the makeover of the world in some form or the other. ...
October 2018
text: Debunking the Top 4 Myths about Public Cloud Security
Lots of businesses are moving towards cloud but still, they are pretty confused on which cloud to choose. Where most of the s...
October 2018
text: Importance of SOC (Security Operations Center) for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
With an increasing number of threats in the world, small and mid-sized businesses are facing numerous issues. They are keen t...
September 2018
text: Know About SOC (Security Operations Center) and the Rise of SIS (Security Insight Services)
What is SOC? SOC i.e., Security Operations Center is that army which protects you from the terrorists named as cyber-attacks...
August 2018
text: Cloud Metering and Billing
Background Cloud computing is not an option anymore, rather it is the standard for businesses to run their applications. Clo...
August 2018
text: ESDS is proud to be Indian government’s digital partner in empowering MSMEs
With a view to enlarge its foot print in delivery of products and services in MSME eco-system, a series of digital initiative...
August 2018
text: ESDS’s Disaster Recovery offering comes to DNDCCB’s rescue
Circular from RBI mandated all co-operative banks to implement CBS that would assist in providing round the clock processing ...
August 2018
text: Here’s why 280+ Indian banks chose ESDS’ Banking Community Cloud services
Cloud has been playing an essential role in the digital transformation taking place in the banking sector right from the begi...
July 2018
text: Why Smart Cities need solid cloud computing foundation
A city is not just as smart as its people, but also as much as its computing prowess and in that department cloud is the over...
July 2018
text: The Digital Banking Benefits You Need to Know About
Many of us cannot imagine a life without online banking. Transfer of funds, checking of accounts, making payments, everything...
July 2018
text: Cloud metering and billing exactly how you want it!
Background Cloud computing is not an option anymore, rather it is the standard for businesses to run their applications. Cl...
June 2018
text: Audit Your Web Security with MTvScan Vulnerability Scanner
Your website is your brand and a virtual store for your business, but due to lack of awareness of the risks and consequences,...
June 2018
text: Implementing Artificial intelligence at work
We all know how Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to turn everyday devices into sources of raw data for analysis ...
May 2018
reblogged: The Past, Present and Future of Cloud Computing
from manoharparakh
Did you know the concept of sharing computing resources has been around since the era of mainframe computing which began in t...